Our History

First store opens in Fukushima-ku, Osaka City
Second store opens in Nishi-ku, Osaka City
1979 – 2010
Five stores in total opened in Osaka Prefecture
Kobe store opens
Kyoto store opens
April 2016
Fishing Eight Annex opens in Settsu City, Osaka

Fishing in Kansai – a Treasure Trove for Anglers

fishingeight-japan lure

Japan, a very tectonically active island nation offers a wide variety of fishing; fly fishing in rivers, lake fishing, and ocean fishing. This is one of the reasons that Japanese fishing industry brands such as Daiwa and Shimano are world leaders in manufacturing fishing gear.
Shimano is based in the Kansai Area of Western Japan, which is the center of the fishing world in Japan and attracts fishing aficionados from all over the nation. As such, many of the main retailers in Japan are located in this area and we are also the largest retailer here in the Kansai Area.

fishingeight-japan lure

You can find our most conveniently located shop, “Lure 1 Ban”, a lure fishing shop, in Umeda, which is in the center of Osaka City. The Fishing 8 headquarters and main shop in Hirano-ku, Osaka City, has all the newest items as well as the traditionally popular ones.
We hope you can experience the pure joy of fishing in this area and visiting us first will be the start of many new memorable fishing days in your life.